The Flood.

It’s happening again! It’s the second (or third? fourth? But the third/fourth is not as bad as this one, so in my journal I call it “The Second”) worst flood after the one in 2007. The rain didn’t stop for 2 days and then it’s flooding on Monday, on the first day of work.

I was sick since Saturday and my husband had to go to work on Monday so we decided that I stay at my mom’s, since mom’s house means FOOD will always available :D (We had trouble finding lunch/dinner for ourselves when I was sick LOL) but ended up stuck in a traffic for 1 hour because of the flood, and when we arrived at my house, the water is already high (I had to park my car in a nearby mall and walked to my house).

Husband didn’t go to the office because his bike broke down :p And in the end … we were stuck in our home until Wednesday.

It’s my husband first flood experience :D I told him “Do you remember our marriage’s vow? … in times of joy, and comfort you in times of sorrow …. ” so here’s “my sorrow” :p

Here’re some pictures from the flood

Day 1

photo 4

Day 2

photo 2


Please mind the photo, apparently if I rotate in Flickr it won’t rotate in other media :( Preview it here.

Day 3

photo 3