Quick update


I just got my molar teeth pulled last Thursday. Finally it’s gone. It’s been causing me headache since a few years ago but I didn’t have the courage to do the extraction. I did try to pull it, I went to a dentist to get it pulled but she failed to do it. I was traumatize by it. This year, I changed dentist and he said the only thing to fix it is by removing the teeth. So, I believe in him and he did it!

I was so nervous! I almost fainted when I was queuing the medicine after the small surgery. lol.

And the worst thing on the day I got my teeth pulled was : I was having diarrhea because I just got fever the other day. Double the pain!

After the dentist finally removed my teeth, I got 2 ulcers in my mouth. I can’t brush my teeth properly, eating solid food is definitely hard, and  I can’t drink milk because it will worsen the diarrhea. Worst week ever!

Still recovering from both sickness though … wish me luck. I will get the thread from the surgery removed this week.