Brand New started in November 2014 on It didn’t have a website before only on Etsy. Then, I bought a domain and luckily the .co domain was on SALE. I bought it immidiately. I started building my simple template on Genesis platform. It was just a simple black and white theme. (Nov’14 – Jun’15)

I rarely update it until I decided to have a brand new look for my website, to make it look more professional. I want to grow bigger than now. This is my precious baby, the one I created from the beginning :D

And here it’s is … the brand new look of


The first draft was on May 2015. Due to my busy schedule handling the shop alone, this website pernah berhenti dikerjakan until I continue working on it last June.

Why Pink? Simply because I love PINK. Everytime I see this color, it inspires me. I love girly stuff like this too not just monochrome. hahha. Believe it or not the first draft was blue – green! And I don’t like it. It’s not me. hahaha :D Thank God I made the right choice to change it. If I didn’t change it back then, I believe this website will never come to an end :D

More updates are coming. I’m planning to revamp the documentation section and the most important thing : implementing the e-commerce platform on this website! woohoo!! I’m going to have my own store in my own website! So you guys don’t need to purchase via Etsy anymore :D

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  • halomia

    whohooo congratz for the new look ce <3
    have always love your layouts, they are so prettyyy :D

    • angels

      Thank you Mia :*