Free Printables : Mini Calendars for Your Planner


Hello Planner Lovers,

Last week I made some mini calendars for my planner while I was waiting for an appointment. I put these calendars in between my weekly inserts so I don’t need to go back and forth to my front page. When the date has passed, I crossed the date so I know what day is today because I often forget about what date is today :D


It’s only from August – November though. I will update again later and upload more freebies :)

Download Here :

PS : I ordered my first KIKKI.K planner!!!! YAY YAY YAY. I just received a shipping notice today. I hope I can get it soon :D

  • Vera

    Lovely blog! :) Amazing planner! But I couldn’t download the mini calendars.
    Thank you!

    • angels

      Hi Vera! Thank you for visiting my blog. I will design new mini calendar soon for 2016, please wait for a bit. I will release it somewhere in December :)

  • Vera

    Thank you, Angel! I will wait for it. This calendar is sooo cute! *-*