Fantastic Beast

I watched the movie a few days ago and I TOTALLY LOVE IT! The movie was magical. It reminds me of when I watched my first Harry Potter movie. It brings back the memory.

When I knew there will be Fantastic Beast movie, I was wondering what is it about? There’s nothing to tell the story. Are they going to show us about how to catch each of the magical creatures on the books? Apparently not. I was so surprised that the movie is about “Behind the Scene” of Newt Scamander’s book! The movie was thrilling and funny at the same time.

And I never watch the trailer before, I didn’t know about who the casts are. So when I saw Collin Farell, I was surprised and I was more surprised with JOHNNY DEPP appearance! OMG JOHNNY DEPP IN HARRY POTTER MOVIE?! Can you imagine that???

I cannot wait for the second movie, and also the book please! I wish JK Rowling writes more books.